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Joint venture results in enhancement of our sales teams

Following the merger of Green’s and Thornhill forming Heat Exchange Group, the companies’ two sales teams have merged under the leadership of Nigel Stone, Sales & Business Develop Director. This will streamline processes and make it easier for customers to work with Heat Exchange Group across the company’s wide portfolio of products and services.

Internal promotions include Emilia Becirbasic, International Sales Director and Steve Wright, Sales Director, with focus on UK projects.

Neil Ford, previously Green’s Boiler Services Manager is now Services Sales Director. Along with Pat Scrimger, Prudhoe, will be responsible for Heat Exchange Group’s service business including spares, inspection, sitework, repair and installations.

The sales team will also benefit from other resources including Joanne Caine, Group Marketing Manager, who will support the sales team with all things marketing, an external bid manager, whose aim will be to appropriately co-ordinate quotes and from the multiple agents we have representing the group across the world.

The above changes will enable us to work as a closely-knit team with the aim to grow current business relationships as well as build new ones as Heat Exchange Group continues to put customers’ needs at the forefront of its thinking.

Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash

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